We help you achieve security that is essential for freedom, for a life free from threats. Ethical Hacking Lab is a specialized group testing an organization's ability to protect its assets by attempting to circumvent or defeat the organization’s internal and external IT security and provides solutions to eliminate the revealed threats. Cybercrime has been on the rise recently, targeting big corporations, institutions and individual home computer users, therefore it is necessary to research and investigate the applications, operating systems and networking devices in the same ways that a criminal would, so we can eliminate such threats. Ethical Hacking Lab simulates malicious attacks on systems to find the vulnerabilities, reports them and provides advice how to mitigate them. We are driven by curiosity and enthusiasm that leads to constantly improving professionalism. The knowledge we gain on the way enables us to help others achieve a higher-level security: a life with freedom, a life free from threats.

Meet the team

Andrew Gecse
Lead Penetration Tester

Andrew is one of the most well-known hackers in Europe and the founder of Rent-a-Hacker.

In early 2000's when companies were still advocating ISO standards, Andrew was already defending the world’s biggest commercials sites and actively working on the security controls of the world biggest ISP's. He also has been a security expert of several Fortune 100 companies (e.g. Siemens, British Telecom).

Among his wide range of completed missions, you may find plenty of mission critical systems from commercial sites up to the security testing of a nuclear power station.

Eszter Kalmár
Marketing Manager

Eszter is an exceptionally motivated and results-driven individual with marketing and project management experience in the IT industry. Our customers and colleagues love her energetic and friendly style which many times happens to be the key to successful cooperation.

Krisztián Rédei
Project Manager

Krisztián is a devoted team leader and senior test manager. He has gained his 7+ IT experience in geographically distributed projects. His extraordinary communication and problem solving skills enable him to explore customer requests and convert them into clear and well-defined IT tasks and ensure the smooth cooperation between Ethical Hacking Lab colleagues and our clients

Miklós Mátis

Highly experienced Executive Manager and IT Professional with more than 15 years in the software industry. Innovative and result-oriented leader with proven ability to define IT visions and plans, deliver the right IT solutions to support business objectives


Find and eliminate the vulnerabilities of your organization in order to avoid financial losses,
protect the reputation of your organization and enhance customer loyalty.


Data breach and unauthorized access to protected assets may result in direct financial losses. Interruptions in services and applications discourage business partners and weaken employee productivity. With security tests, we evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure and exploit system vulnerabilities. We aggregate and present them to IT managers in your organization and help them deliver the right decision that reflects the security priorities of your organization.

Penetration Testing

Securing your network against exploitation and unauthorized intrusion is our utmost priority. Make sure your network is not a low hanging fruit for Black Hat Hackers. Do not let your competition ruin your reputation. Secure your network today by testing it through several exploitation techniques. Subscribing to this service, you can achieve a highly secured network which is resilient against network attacks.

Platform and Application Testing

Platform security checks aim at discovering and identifying the vulnerabilities of the target system. Our testers are doing their best to take your web application out of context by misusing that and attacking all of its functionalities in many different ways in order to protect your application and the reputation of your company even upon heavy and highly skillful attacks.


The most prevalent web vulnerabilities check. From database injection to site defacement. Make sure, that your site is secured and protected against hackers. Don't be embarrassed by seeing your site had been defaced by malicious hackers, avoid information leakage and database modification. Let us highlight the most common vulnerabilities in your web application.

Full Network Test

Achieve high level of security resiliency against network attacks. Let us fight for your interest by deeply and thoroughly test your networks and all of its components for tangible sign-off security loop holes which may help hired black hat hackers. Never forget the advantages that your rivals may gain by forcing you out of the credible business providers.

Web Application Pen Test

Deep and thorough web application test without being limited to the most common attack factors but relying more on the dark side of information security. By our deep and thorough check, you can reach extensive security of the application, not just by merely focusing on the most prevailing web application vulnerabilities but also performing some of the rarest and not documented attacks.

Social Engineering

Educate your colleagues in social engineering and in order to gain security awareness and ensure that you will not be a gullible victim of malicious hackers.


Comprehensive audit of your perimeter security
carried out by professional security analysts



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